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This privacy policy relates to:

a) this website
b) the users who are the persons who visit the website of the University
c) the Privacy Act 1993: http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1993/0028/latest/DLM296639.html

1. Collection and use of personal information.

The site records information about users when they visit the website. The site may use this information for the purposes described below and for system administration functions including assessing compliance with policies and practices.

The information is of two types:

a) Automatically captured data

This includes, but is not limited to:

i. The internet address of the user’s browser, and the type of browser used.
ii. The address of the user’s server.
iii. The user’s domain name.
iv. The user’s IP and/or MAC address.
v. The date and time that the user visited the website.
vi. The pages visited and any documents downloaded.
vii. The previous site visited.
viii. Access details for restricted sites.
ix. Cookies.

Note: Cookies are very small text files sent from the server of the site to the user’s browser to be stored on the user’s computer. They are sent back to the site server when the user’s browser requests a page from the server. They can remain on a user’s internet-enabled device even after leaving the website or webpage. Some browsers allow users to disable this function, but doing so may mean that the user cannot access certain pages.

b) User supplied information

This may be supplied by users via online forms and/or surveys and/or email. This information may be used for administration and/or provision of services and/or research and in any other way within the scope of the purposes for which the information was collected. The site, or staff of the site, may also use this information to contact people for the purpose of site related activities and functions.

2. Security of personal information.

The site takes all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access and/or use of personal information that it holds.

3. Disclosure of personal information.

Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the user unless the use is within the scope of the purposes for which the information was collected. Site staff may share information where required for their administrative and management functions.