The Most Value for Your Money in Motor Hotel Accommodations

You need to feel like you are getting the money’s worth, when you choose a motel to stay at. You don’t want to feel like the motor hotel is offering you sub-par services or billing you too much and not doing enough to earn your patronage.

The same is expected by you, when you are trying to find accommodation in Epsom, Auckland. You need a motel that not ask you for excessive prices for the service and will take care of your demands.

Luxury on a Budget

You still might like to feel like you’re being treated well, although you don’t always have lots of cash to spend on resort accommodations. Tudor Court Motor Lodge provides excellent accommodation in Epsom, Auckland without making you pay for it.

Tudor Court is happy to provide several free services, where you will charge for every service offered. These generally include more, free parking just outside your door and a free daily newspaper, free WiFi for your room. The rooms are spared little expense also.

You will find you have all the comfort you are used in each of the motel’s suites to and more. Freeview and Sky are provided on each of the televisions, and tea and coffee -making facilities, heating units and a refrigerator and toaster are put inside each room.

These are all designed to make visitors feel comfortable, but you will find other luxury services available upon request.

Commitment to Quality Service

But the Tudor Court is different. The management knows that if they could provide outstanding service during every moment of your stay, you are not unlikely to come back or tell others about your visit.

They recognize this means that should they take good care of you, they don’t have to bill a lot for it. The rooms are cleaned daily and kept equipped with the latest in lodging innovations and modern technology.

Each of the staff is trained and friendly and helpful to provide exceptional customer service. You won’t see a group of motel staff dedicated to making their visitors’ stay a nice one. Just let the management know, and they will do their best to accommodate you, in case you have needs or special requests.

Accommodation in Epsom, Auckland can be affordable and enjoyable at once, and you do not have to look really difficult to locate it. The staffs at Tudor Court ensure your stay is one you will be pleased with. They understand how important comfy, clean accommodations can be. Their visitors know you want to find a way to enjoy your vacation or business trip, and they work hard to make sure you can accomplish this.

Accommodation in Epsom, Auckland at the Tudor Court Motor Lodge can be booked directly from the company’s website(, where the company guarantees you will find the lowest prices for its rooms.